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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Apologies for Not Posting Lately

After the holidays I was approached by my boss and was asked to take part in a temporary program that will require that I not post to internet blogs while on site. Considering this will have me "on site" for an extended period of time, I will not be posting for a while.

In the mean time however, my husband who is also involved in "the industry" now will post anything that he deems interesting until my return.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

15 Stealth Fighters Deployed to S. Korea

The United States deployed Stealth fighters and some 300 airmen to South Korea beginning this week to maintain its deterrent posture and presence in the region.

According to the public affairs office at Holloman AFB, NM the 49th Fighter Wing's squadron of F-117A Stealth fighters will be deployed for 4 months.

The deployment is supposedly not related to a particular threat but is part of ongoing measures to maintain a credible deterrent, which to me sounds like the deployment is definitely related to a specific threat - namely Kim Jong Il.

This is the 4th time stealth fighters have been sent to S. Korea since 2003.

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